PA4 - The magic of reality and fiction: Time-sharing multitasking

The story of the birth of the world - Chapter 4

Pioneers have created a computer powerful enough to run even the web and real-world applications. But that wasn't enough, the pioneers decided to implement the magic of virtualization on computers.

code management

Before proceeding with this PA, please execute the following command in the project directory to organize branches, otherwise your score will be affected:

git commit --allow-empty -am "before starting pa4"
git checkout master
git merge pa3
git checkout -b pa4

Submit requirements (please read the following carefully, if you violate it, you will be responsible for the consequences)

Estimated average time: 40 hours

Phase Arrangement:

  • task PA4.1: Implement a basic multi-programming system and support time-sharing running of PAL with parameters and kernel thread Hello
  • task PA4.2: Implement a multiprogramming system that supports virtual memory management
  • task PA4.3: Implement a preemptive time-sharing multi-task system and submit a complete experimental report