PA3 - A Journey Through Time and Space: Batch Processing System

The Story of Creation - Chapter Three

The Von Neumann computer indeed has profound capabilities, able to breathe new life into cold, unfeeling logic gates. To enable the computer to automatically run a set of programs, pioneers made improvements to the computer.

Code Management

Before starting this PA, please execute the following commands in the project directory to organize branches, otherwise it will affect your grade:

git commit --allow-empty -am "before starting pa3"
git checkout master
git merge pa2
git checkout -b pa3

Submission Requirements (Please read the following carefully, any violations are at your own risk)

Estimated Average Time: 40 hours

Phased Arrangement:

  • task PA3.1: Implement the trap operation yield()
  • task PA3.2: Implement user program loading and system calls to support the operation of the TRM program
  • task PA3.3: Run "The Legend of Sword and Fairy" and demonstrate the batch processing system, submit a complete lab report