PA2 - Simple and complex machines: von Neumann computer systems

The Story of the Birth of the World - Chapter 2

Pioneers have created Turing machines But what can a simple machine built with just a few digital circuit modules do? The pioneer said that all infinite possibilities are contained within it.

Code Management

Before proceeding with this PA, please execute the following command in the engineering directory to branch and organize, otherwise it will affect your grades:

git commit --allow-empty -am "before starting pa2"
git checkout master
git merge pa1
git checkout -b pa2

Submission requirements (please carefully read the following content. If there is any violation, the consequences will be borne by oneself)

Expected average time: 40 hours

Periodic arrangements:

  • Task PA2.1: Implement more instructions to run most cpu-tests in NEMU
  • Task PA2.2: Implementing klib and infrastructure
  • Task PA2.3: Run FCEUX and submit a complete experimental report