PA1 - The Chapter of Creating the Universe: The Simplest Computer

The Story of World Birth - Chapter One

The pioneer has prepared the tools to create the world of computers. In order to take the first step, he applied his knowledge of digital circuits and has already created the smallest computer - the Turing machine. Let's explore the wonders of this creation.

Code Management

Before starting this PA, please execute the following commands in the project directory to organize the branches. Failure to do so may affect your grade:

git commit --allow-empty -am "before starting pa1"
git checkout master
git merge pa0
git checkout -b pa1

Submission Requirements (Please read the following content carefully. Any violation will be your own responsibility)

Estimated average time required: 30 hours

Phase Schedule:

  • Task PA1.1: Implement single-step execution, print register states, and scan memory.
  • Task PA1.2: Implement arithmetic expression evaluation.
  • Task PA1.3: Implement all requirements and submit a complete lab report.