Prestudy overview

Since the third session of "One Student One Chip", we have received many inquiries from students like who have no basic knowledge but love to learn and whether they can participate in "One Student One Chip". There is no doubt that we very much welcome students who love study so much to participate. But we also need to respect the rules of study: students with no basic knowledge should spend more time laying a good foundation before entering the formal study stage. Therefore, "One Student One Chip" has set up a prestudy stage for everyone check whether you have mastered enough knowledge base to enter the formal study stage.

The prestudy stage mainly includes the following contents:

  1. To fill in the learning record every day, you can refer to the learning record form (template)open in new window, which is necessary for subsequent tape-out.
  2. Read two articles about how to ask questions and write a review of no less than 800 words.
  3. Complete Linux system installation (PA0).
  4. Complete the construction of the verilator simulation environment, please pay attention to using a specific version.
  5. Complete the required exercises for Linux system installation and basic usage.
  6. Completing the required exercises for digital circuits.
  7. Complete the must-do exercises in C language.
  8. Complete all contents of PA1.

After completing the above content, you can apply for the admission defense of "One Student One Chip". After passing the defense, you can enter the formal study stage of "One Student One Chip". Please follow the instructions in the specific steps.

Information box description

There will be some information boxes in the handouts, and you can know the category of the information based on its color and the icon in the upper left corner. For example, this information box is about some prompt-related content. Other categories mainly include:

Tips related to experiment progress

Further reading

Optional thinking questions

Optional programming questions

Required content for the experiment

Must-read information related to experimental progress

Principles and methods whose importance transcends experiments

Instructions for learning records

Please copy a copy to your own account and turn on the "viewable" permission.

The template of the experimental report can be customized and mainly includes:

  • Problems encountered and thoughts.
  • Your other thoughts, such as experimental experience, thanks to classmates who provided help, etc.
  • If you have pasted codes and stickers, please attach corresponding detailed explanations.

Don't panic

We set up the entrance defense not to screen out outstanding students and get rid of those with zero foundation. on the contrary, we hope that everyone will be prepared to enter the formal learning stage: you will most likely be admitted at the beginning of the formal study stage. Discover that unfamiliar knowledge comes flooding in. How to survive the difficulties you encounter in the future is crucial, but we will reveal the secret of survival to you in the prestudy stage.

Prestudy guidance (teaching assistants participate to provide guidance and communication)

After learning how to ask scientific questions, you are welcome to join the prestudy exchange groupopen in new window, where you can happily complete the prestudy together and move towards becoming a formal student of "One Student One Chip"!

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