Submission of pre-study defense application

If you feel the joy of independent problem solving


Because not only does it mean that you're getting better at what you do, But more importantly, you're getting stronger inside, and you're less afraid of solving unknown problems than before. This change of mindset is crucial, because there are still a lot of unknowns waiting to be solved 😃

Improve your essay

At the beginning of the prestudy we ask you to read the articles how to askopen in new window and stop askopen in new window carefully and prepare a report of at least 800 words after reading them. Please improve the essay with your own experience of completing the prestudy Tell us how you solved the problems independently by using the methods advocated in these articles.

Complete all required exercises

  • Linux system installation and basic usage exercises
  • C language exercises
  • Digital circuit exercises
  • Verilator connects to NVBoard
  • PA1

Submit admission defense application

Apply for defense
Preparation before defense
  • Pass the general education questionnaireopen in new window (reach 100 points) and attach the screenshot to the defense application form. Set the permissions of the learning records and reading notes to "viewable by everyone".
  • Equipment check: camera, microphone.
  • Document inspection: You need to prepare identity documents (which can prove your identity, usually student card, student ID card, admission notice, graduation certificate, work license, driver's license, etc.).
  • Project environment check: Ability to run the code required for prestudy.
  • Make sure the code is clear and prohibit cell phone screen recording.
Defense process
  1. Before the defense, enter the designated conference room in advance and wait according to the notice in the group.
  2. During the defense process, turn on the camera and screen share the project.
  3. At the end of the defense, if it is the first defense, the respondent will read the letter of commitment and leave the meeting.
Post-defense process
  • Pay attention to the "One Student One Chip" official account. The list of candidates who have passed the defense will be announced on the official account before 6:00 pm on the first Monday after the defense.
  • Students who pass the defense will fill in the personal information collection form in order to send the admission gift package and admission notice.
  • For students who fail the entrance defense, the assistant will give study suggestions. Students need to apply for defense again after confirming that they meet the admission defense requirements.For students who apply for admission defense again, the teaching assistant will check their study records. If the progress does not meet the admission defense requirements, the teaching assistant may refuse the defense.
Final interpretation
  • The final interpretation right of the defense results belongs to the "One Student One Chip" project team.
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