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Sign up Process

1. Learn about the initiative

Before you formally sign up to participate in the "One Student One Chip" Initiative, please read the [Project Overview] (/project/intro.html) section on the website. The article starts with Background, Goal, Highlights, Learning Route, Expected Harvest and other different perspectives provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the "One Student One Chip" Initiative, which allows students to have an basic understanding of the "One Student One Chip" Initiative before formal registration, and eliminate some misunderstandings caused by information asymmetry.

Exchange ways

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2. Fill the questionnaire

In order to ensure the accuracy of tracking data, please be sure to fill the Sign up Questionnaireopen in new window carefully. After completing the questionnaire, you can scan the QR code to join "One Student One Chip" Preliminary Exchange Groupopen in new window starts formal learning.After completed all the tasks in the preliminary stage, you can submit an admission defense application to the TA online. If you pass the defense assessment, you will get an exclusive student number. This student number is very important and involves Learning Tracking, Group Meeting Report, Defense Assessment, Tape-out Docking and many other links in the later stage, so be sure to remember it (preferably in a local or online document).

QR Code Information

Sign up QuestionnairePreliminary Exchange Group

3. Create record

In the process of learning "One Student One Chip", please be sure to record your learning process in detail (it does not have to be recorded every day, but it should be as detailed as possible). This is an important reference for TA to grasp everyone’s learning progress and provide guidance.In addition, through statistical analysis of the tape-out status of students in the previous batches of the "One Student One Chip" Initiative, we found that students who often fill in more detailed study records have a high probability of persisting until the tape-out stage. Therefore, it is very important to keep a good record of your own learning.The specific operation methods and precautions for creating learning records are as follows:

  • Copy Learning Record Templateopen in new window to your Tencent Documents Account.
  • Modify the name of the document according to the template prompts, the format is ysyx_name-school-study record.
  • The content in the learning record is customizable, and you can add or modify some table columns according to your needs.
  • After passing the admission defense, the TA will create another learning record form for each student. At that time, everyone will need to copy all the records in their preliminary stage into the new form.
  • Do not paste the code for completing a certain task in your study records to prevent other students from learning from your ideas and losing the opportunity to practice.
  • Complete learning records are a necessary condition for everyone to apply for tape-out and certification assessment. If the learning records are seriously missing, your application will not be passed normally.

4. Start to study

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