Reviewing the C language

C is the language of choice for developing system software, and considering that many of the students participating in "One Student One Chip" project majored in non-computer science, the learning curve for C is relatively simple. You need to know the following: recursion, pointers, linked lists, and be able to write a correct program on your own (not by searching for a so-called sample code on Google).

Some simple C++ fundamentals are also required

Verilator compiles Verilog to C++, but you don't need to know complex C++ syntax, you just need to know the basics of how to use a class. From this point of view alon.

Must-do exercises for getting started with C language

Learn C the hard wayopen in new window Exercise 0 to Exercise 18, Exercise 32, Exercise 33, Exercise 42, Exercise 44. Need to complete programming algorithms and additional exercises.

  • This is part of the admissions defense, if you get stuck somewhere you can RTFW or ask a TA.
  • Reference materials use the study materials mentioned above.
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